The Gotham Sirens

Sad Bolin makes me sad too.

"Regina, I know you’re in there."

Do you want to build a snowman?? 


I couldn’t resist illustrating Elsa and Anna as well!

Check out the rest of the AU here.

bbrae4eve asked:
hey i just want to say i really like your art and that i hope you do more modernau big four

Awww thank you! I’ll try to post as much as my free time will allow me :)

Got sidetracked and drew Babs instead. I love the her redesign though!

A bunch of people requested to see the whole get-up of my RotBTD Modern AU. Didn’t expect a lot to like my previous post so much but thank you, you made my week!

The Big Four | Modern AU

This is so much fun! I’ll probably do more of these if I have enough time.

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