All this Jelsa fanart. And no proper art sourcing.

Kinda the main reason why I’m hesitating to post jelsa art. Weheartit is not a source you guys :(

safirev replied to your post: My mom decided that someone should suf…

Do you at least feel cleansed??

I don’t feel any different, but it’s only been day two so I hope it works in the end! 

I love this couple so much. I’m still thinking whether or not I should color this though.

My mom decided that someone should suffer “The Cleanse” with her and that lucky someone is none other than me. I have to replace two of my meals with these substances on a daily basis, for 10 days. So basically, I’m starving. 

Lady of the Lake for Sketch_Dailies!

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Former student in multimedia and publishing, occasional drawer and art lover!

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Trying out some new brushes and feeling nostalgic. Can’t believe YJ ended over a year ago.

Cristina (22) 
Journalist and bad bitch extraordinaire. Also very ginger.

Part of my Portraits & Patterns collection.

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a girl who is slowly realizing archers are her favourites.

Part of my Portraits & Patterns collection.